Could ‘slugging’ catch on in the wake of a Transit strike?

carpooling II

Haligonia follower PeterMoorhouse sent an interesting Tweet today about the practice of "slugging" that's taking off in Washington DC. Think "casual carpooling" and you've pretty much nailed the jist of the concept. 

So basically it works like this:

  • Commuters line up outside of their place of work, or a location decided upon by the "slugging" community
  • Drivers looking to utilize the carpool lane in Washington pull up and announce their destination
  • Interested commuters hop in, and off they go
  • ???
  • Everybody wins

Now, all security issues aside, this sounds like an interesting concept that could work in Halifax, provided there was some real advantage provided to drivers here. (We don't have carpool lanes in HRM) However, if there is a transit strike, we will have quite a few unused bus-only lanes at some intersections in Halifax.  Hmmm.  Check the video below, and the link through to the original article here.

Slugging — The People's Transit from Miller-McCune on Vimeo.

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