Countdown to the big show!

Sunday morning and I’m heading out to a Sweet Solitude rehearsal in about an hour.  It’s raining like hell and I’m not looking forward to getting on my bike.  However, I am motivated by last Wednesday’s rehearsal (videos below), the fact that the show is  11 days away, and Friday’s vocal coaching session with my coach, the American soprano, Roberta Alexander.  Not to be melodramatic (MOI!?) but, here I am, a black, frizzy-haired, classically trained soprano, living in The Netherlands, unknown, aware that I am seriously teetering at the top of the endangered species list, wandering out to some random suburb of Amsterdam to seek a vocal coach who had come highly recommended, but whom I had never heard of otherwise.  And when the door opens I’m staring at my reflection 30 years into the future.  She was as stunned as I was.  It as love at first sight.  She even writes a blog, the most recent about watching animal rescue shows on Animal Planet.  I mean, REALLY.  My life is too much sometimes.

Inspiring Women – memoirs

Erin Costelo

Erin Costelo at Sabrina Thurlow Photography