Countries Allowing Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is rigorously regulated, so it is essential for you to first realize in what countries online gambling is legalized before you start playing. There have checked out numerous online casinos that are becoming increasingly popular, and there are more and more players signing up with casino websites in order to have fun playing their favorite free slots in Canada.

There are a few countries in the whole world where online gambling is considered legal and most of these countries house servers that are available for people who live in countries where online gambling is illegal. It means that if you reside in a country where internet gambling is not allowed, you will still be able to gamble by connecting to a server located outside of your country.

The United States of America

Nowadays more and more countries are taking active steps towards legalizing online gambling because they have begun to realize all the benefits of it. However, the law prohibiting online casinos in the USA is slightly unclear. According to statistics, about 70% of online gamblers are US citizens and they suffer almost no consequences because of that fact. Maybe it happens because the situation is rather difficult to monitor because people gamble online in the privacy of their own homes and this remains unnoticed.

Online Gambling in Other Countries

A simple online search will tell you what countries consider online gambling legal. The list given below contains only a few of them:

Online casinos in Canada , Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Germany,  France,  Gibraltar, Malta, Liechtenstein, Macau, Russia,  Ireland, Philippines, New Zealand, Panama, Italy, Singapore, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and some other Asian countries have recently begun the process of legalizing internet gambling.

Regulation and Enforcement

Despite the fact that the world of online gambling is very strictly regulated, most experts admit that it is difficult to monitor it because of its almost anonymous nature. Therefore, in the countries where internet gambling is banned it is almost impossible to spot players who gamble from their homes. If it is so, why ban internet gambling if it is easy to access and really difficult to monitor? Luckily, more and more countries are aware of the fact that in most cases regulation is wiser than prohibition.

We recommend all players to know for sure what countries allow internet gambling to make sure that you do not violate the law when playing your favorite online casino games. By the way, this will guarantee that all winnings you earn online will remain yours.

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