Couple scamming churches with stories of a phony family

News Release:

The HRP/RCMP Integrated Financial Crime Unit is issuing a warning about
a scam that is targeting churches and possibly other charitable

The Unit has received information that a man and woman are contacting
churches in the Metro area requesting financial assistance. The scam
generally involves the couple asking for money for rent, food, utilities
or supplies for their three children whom police believe do not exist.
While many organizations try to help people in need, especially during
this time of year, this couple is attempting to take advantage of their

HRM Partners in Policing is advising the public that this scam is
occurring in our community, and suggests that organizations verify the
recipient’s identity prior to providing financial assistance. Police
also recommend writing a cheque instead of giving cash in order to
create a paper trail.  If the money is for rent or another bill, write
the cheque to the business that is owed the money.

Anyone who feels they have been a victim of this scam or has
information about these incidents is asked to contact police at 490-5016
or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online

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