COVID School Exposures in Halifax

As much as people are trying to ignore the looming issue of COVID, it seems that it cannot really be escaped. It is not a surprise to see that people are trying to move on from the virus either, most are tired of the effect that it has had on our lives. We are fast approaching the anniversary of the first reported COVID cases in 2019, and the last two years have been a period in our history that most will be eager to forget. This is not something that will come easy to most regions and especially not Halifax, seeing as there have been multiple COVID exposure notices sent from the Halifax West schools in the last two weeks.

This will, of course, come as a concern for many parents who have children that attend these schools. While officials say that children will generally not be affected by the virus to the extent that adults will, there is no doubt that these parents would not want to risk their children catching the virus. There have been many horror stories in the news over the timeline of COVID detailing those rare cases where children do fall seriously ill with the virus, and the parents in Halifax are likely to have this on their minds.

The caution that the parents are exhibiting is mirrored by the teachers that teach in the school from which these notices have been sent, as it was reported that both parents and teachers asked the province to take stronger actions to deal with the outbreak of COVID. When the figures are looked at, this response is not so unwarranted. Over two weeks, there have been 22 exposure notices sent to parents, showing that the spread of the virus is not being controlled. This was always a possibility when schools reopened and children started to mix again, but the reality that is seen here is just a small glimpse into what the full extent of this decision could be.

Despite calls for stronger action to be taken, the schools remain open, and no clear changes have been made that will protect further students from catching the virus. As a result of this, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union have reported that there has been a noticeable plunge in attendance because parents are keeping their children at home. In reality, this is an action that should not have to be carried out by parents, and it is not an ideal solution either as the children are missing out on their learning. Some parents are calling out for a reinstatement of previous policy that meant schools had to close for a few days to allow time for deep cleaning and contact tracing, which would provide a better solution than the current situation.

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