Curbside Give Away Weekend

Is anything in life free anymore? Well during Curbside Give Away Weekend you can free up space and get great free stuff. Give your clutter a second life during Halifax’s Curbside Give Away Weekend. Your old armchair could be someone’s new throne, and your antique lamp could be someone’s living room masterpiece. All for the rock bottom price of FREE. Don’t miss Curbside Give Away Weekend. June 4 to 5 and October 15 to 16, 2016.

This event happens RAIN or SHINE. Please use your discretion when deciding whether or not to put items out to the curb.

The aim of this weekend event is to reduce the amount of garbage ending up in our landfill by diverting unwanted items to be re-used! Reusing and Recycling household items instead of discarding them reduces pressures on our municipal facilities, and is a great way to get rid of your under-used items, and find some great FREE items of your own! On Curbside Give Away Weekend:

  • Place re-usable household items at the curb in front of your home on Friday evening;
  • Only place items for “FREE” with “Free” stickers or signs on items ;
  • Remove leftover items from the curb by dusk on Sunday;

Rules for Setting out FREE items:

  • Place items at the curb on Friday evening of that weekend.
  • Place stickers or signs on items with the word “FREE”.
  • Give Away items should still be in good condition for “Re-use”.
  • Any items you want to keep should be away from your set out treasures or safely tucked away.
  • Material MUST BE REMOVED from the curb by dusk Sunday evening.
    • Treasures not removed can result in a By-Law violation, remember not to place materials curbside unless it isgarbage collection day/week.

Curbside Give Away Etiquette:

  • Respect other people’s property – don’t walk or drive on people’s lawns or gardens.
  • Take only the items at the curb marked “FREE”.
  • Safety First: Obey the traffic laws at all times (e.g., don’t block traffic, park illegally or block people’s driveways with your vehicle).
  • Watch out for children.
  • Don’t discard any items on another person’s lawn.

FREE items can include:

  • Books, CDs and DVDs
  • Furniture and small appliances
  • Sports equipment and toys
  • Tools
  • Yard and gardening equipment
    • e.g., lawn mowers, snow throwers, rakes, shovels)
  • Kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Construction material including drywall and hardware
    • e.g., nails, bolts and screws
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Paint

What shouldn’t be given away?

  • Any items that are not re-usable.
  • Any items infested with bed bugs or items that could potentially be infested (e.g., mattresses, furniture, bedding). It is best to err on the side of caution and not take items which could potentially spread an infestation.
  • Visit the Consumer Product Safety Bureauto find out about items that aren’t safe to give away (e.g., baby walkers, lawn darts).

What to do with leftover items/give aways?

  • Consider donating unwanted items to:
    • Local charitable or non-profit organizations or community groups who are able to use them.
    • Check the Yellow Pages under ‘Charitable & Non-Profit Organizations’
    • Textiles/Clothing
  • HRM Freecycle Network
  • Post your item for sale on Kijiji or Curbza(look for it in your app store)
  • If you consider your stuff garbage, then you can also place materials out on garbage collection day/week. Bulky items (e.g., furniture, mattresses) can be placed curbside for collection on your regular garbage collection day.
    • One bulky item per garbage collection day is permitted per household.
    • Material may be placed curbside the night before your regular garbage collection day.
  • Certain electronics are not accepted for curbside collection. or call 1-877-462-8907 for details and drop-off locations.



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