Curbside Give Away Weekend

HRM is calling on residents to participate in our second Curbside Give Away Weekend June 11 and 12. Help discover the “Hidden Treasures” in your neighbourhood, community, and city.

It’s another way to RETHINK GARBAGE and protect our most precious treasure – our environment.

What a great way to clear out outgrown and underused household items – things that might be exactly what others are looking for.

The aim of this weekend event is to reduce the amount of garbage ending up in HRM’s landfill by diverting unwanted items to be re-used!

Reusing and Recycling household items instead of discarding them reduces pressures on our municipal facilities, and is a great way to not only get rid of your underused items, but to find some great treasures of your own!

For ules for setting out the treasures and other information, visit


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