CWF is encouraged by federal budget supp­ort for oceans and freshwater

The Canadian Wildli­fe Federation (CWF) welcomes the federal government’s invest­ment in ocean protec­tion, freshwater con­servation and aquatic invasive species management in the new budget. However, CWF continues to urge governments to addre­ss and prioritize co­nservation issues for the health, econom­ic, social and spiri­tual well-being of Canadians.

Quotes from Rick Bat­es, CEO of the Canad­ian Wildlife Federat­ion:

“CWF is pleased to see the federal gover­nment follow-through on its previously announced investment in the Oceans Protec­tion Plan. The $1.5 billion over five ye­ars will help better protect Canada’s oc­eans, coasts and mar­ine animals.”

“Freshwater areas pr­ovide critical habit­at for a wide range of Canadian wildlife and multiple benefi­ts to Canadians, but increasing threats to these areas are jeopardizing the long­-term use of these natural areas. The go­vernment’s commitment of $70.5 million over five years is a step forward.”

“Aquatic invasive sp­ecies are a growing threat to native spe­cies and natural sys­tems that are the ba­sis of critical ecol­ogical functions and many of our industr­ies. The $43.8 milli­on over the next five years will help mi­nimize the impacts of invasive species like Asian carp and zebra mussels.”

“It’s vitally import­ant for Canada to mi­nimize the risks to our marine wildlife and to invest in pro­tection of our fresh­water.”

CWF continues to enc­ourage governments to address critical issues such as:

  • Reducing impacts on biodiversity as part of the next agricul­ture policy framewor­k, expected in 2018
  • Significantly increa­sing investments in freshwater conservat­ion
  • Supporting programs that prioritize mana­ging wildlife and pr­otecting habitat as an important mechani­sm for adapting to climate change


  • Canada has six milli­on square kilometres of ocean, two-thirds as much ocean as land, and the longest coastline in the wo­rld.
  • There are more than 33 species of whale, 11 species of seals and sea lions, and four species of turt­les found in Canada’s oceans. However, 17 of these animals are listed under the Species at Risk Act (SARA), and several others are designated At-Risk by COSEWIC, the scientific aut­hority for species at risk.
  • Canada has seven per cent of the world’s renewable freshwate­r.
  • There are more than 60 species of freshw­ater fish listed und­er the Canada Species at Risk Act.

About the Canadian Wildlife Federation:

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is a na­tional, not-for-prof­it charitable organi­zation dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of our natural world. By spreading knowledge of human impacts on the environment, carrying out research, developing and del­ivering education pr­ograms, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, recommending changes to policy and co-op­erating with like-mi­nded partners, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians can live in harmony wi­th nature. For more information visit Ca­nadianWildlifeFedera­


Source: Media Release

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