Cyclist Who Crossed Canada Raising Money For Abused/Homeless Pets Gets Money Stolen. 

 OK, I get this post from Ross on my Sackvegas Facebook page about Frank Sapach and what he’s up to and think “very cool!” 


 I was planning on firing up a blog post about him in the morning and all of a sudden this happens in Mt.




 This is not the type of blog post I was planning on posting. There are a lot of good folks out in Mt. Uniacke and the word should spread quickly.   Please share this one around and hopefully someone will do the right thing. Here is a link to Frank’s Facebook Page if you want to send him some thoughts.  

“If anyone knows the where about of this mans property that they can call or text me and I will pick it up, no questions asked and make sure it gets returned to him.. My cell is 902-430-7511.

If they want, they can put it somewhere and call or text with the location. They dont have to meet me in person. I just want this mans property returned to him.”

-Ross C 

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