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Damn you, Ghost!

I’ve been out of university for a few years, now, and while I enjoy my nights spent watching seven episodes of Community in a row, I sometimes feel like my brain needs a bit of exercise.

This year, as part of an insane list of New Year’s resolutions, I decided that I would take a few classes that would challenge me in new ways. I focused on art because I, as the kids say, suck at it.”

Halifax is home to an amazing visual arts university and several other independent studios where you can go to take courses. The idea was to take an arts/crafts class that wouldn’t frighten me with complexity, but allow me to learn a new skill. Enter: pottery. I thought it would be much less daunting then, say, painting or dance.

Was I ever wrong (note my strained expression). I don’t know if I’ve ever been so innately bad at something in my life. I also have a problem where if I don’t learn something quickly I get really frustrated. A typical class will go as follows:

– Prepare clay. Get out frustrations by punching it.
– Start on wheel. Get to a point where you think something looks good–and then unwittingly destroy it.
– Start again. Fail.
– Start again. Fail.
– Repeat about seven more times.
– Become extremely annoyed at everyone else’s perfect, gallery-worth pieces.
– Realize that I probably ruined another pair of jeans with paint/glaze spatter.
– Glare.
– Clean up a half-hour early because I’m fed up.

My final class is next week and the product of three months of work will be revealed. It’s going to be hilarious. Expect photos.  Really sad photos.

For my next class, I may try to do a work-shop with AFCOOP. I think it’s harder to ruin movies than clay pots, right?

What is your experience with taking classes outside of school, internet? Anything good around Halifax I should be aware of? Let me know! I’m running out of episodes of Community

Lauren always aims for the head. Follow her on Twitter @laurenoostveen.


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