Dance Costumes

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Short Presents: Dance Costumes

Dance Costumes Dance Costumes

As you know recently I participated in the Dal Dance: Inspirations dance recital this past weekend. Although I have a flood of photos to share with you blog reader I haven’t had the time to go through all 600 of them yet. So I’ve decided to share with you some instagram photos I snapped during the show! The photos above feature 3 out of 4 dances I performed during the show. I was in the very first performance for Jazz, and so I barely had enough time to pull the curling iron out of my hair let alone snap a pic beforehand! Hope you enjoy these little snippets from the show!

Far left photo: Belly Dance Costume for song “I put a spell on you” I was so proud of my girls this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better class! Belly Dance is such a brave style of dance and some of these girls had never danced before let alone performed on stage! It was an honor to dance with them.

Upper middle photo: Seven Nation Army  (Modern Dance) this performance was one I REALLY enjoyed as it was an apocalypse theme, you all know how I feel about Science Fiction!  I love a dance that has a story or theme , and this one was one that included a full-on choreographed dance fight scene! I both kicked butt and had my butt kicked; I barrel rolled myself into an early grave! Quite literally, as I “died” in this dance (which I have some beautifully bashed up knees to prove it). The apocalypse was not good news for the “sassy girls” haha as we were overthrown by the “military” girls! EEP!

Bottom middle photo: my saving grace during rehearsal! Because we rent the Cohen for the day we have to combine rehearsal and the show in the same day which means a full day of dancing! I couldn’t have made it through the day without being fully hydrated! Coconut water was a win! and I’m actually warming up to the taste. Who would have thought?

Upper right photo: my lovely flower presented to me at the end of the show for teaching Belly Dance this semester! I kind of take pride in receiving this little flower as I started the tradition of the Gerber daisy! When I was program show coordinator for Dal Dance I made the change from carnations to Gerber and we haven’t looked back 🙂 like I said on Instagram it’s amazing how one little flower can brighten up your day. It’s always great to feel appreciated.

Bottom right photo: Musical Theatre costume for “Hairspray” I was really lucky in this performance as I got to play Penny! I was trilled about the role, and took it to heart! You can’t see it here, but under this dress is a full crinoline, which was perfect for my lifts and spins during the performance! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I would have to say that this performance was by far the crowds favorite! Kerrianne our instructor did an amazing job choreographing us, and Abady who played mama took the audience to church!!

I had an amazing time planning, participating, and performing in this year’s show! I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! Thanks so much to all of Dal Dance council, teachers, students, and audience members for making this event possible! It couldn’t have been possible without each and everyone one of you.

Happy Friday Blog Reader! I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from the dance recital from my instagram account (@shortpresents). I’ll make sure to filter through the photos and get them up for you to relive with me.

Have a great weekend, and make sure to eat plenty of chocolate!
Happy Easter!
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