Dancing for Somalia at the Bay Landing


Together We Can Make A Difference
Sat Oct 15th at The Bay Landing
Family Dance 2pm-8:30pm
Adult Dance 9pm-12pm
Admission $5

The worst drought in more than 60 years and resulting in lack of food and water threatens more than a million people with severe malnutrition, diseases and death.

Thousands of families have fled their homes in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and other countries that comprise the Horn of Africa in a desperate search for food and clean water.

Worldwide, the Red Cross has launched an urgent appeal to raise vital funds and provide emergency and longer term aid for the children, women and men who face unimaginable suffering and hardship.

Our event will include a dessert table, silent auction and raffles throughout the day, offering unique ways for you to participate in helping other families in Africa during this tragic time of hardship.

  • Admission $5 (Children under 10 free)
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Family Dance 2-8:30 pm
  • Adult Dance 9-12pm

All proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross for Somalia/Africa Relief

For more information contact Sheila Lamplugh@ 852-4068

Source: http://prospectcommunities.com/component/content/article/137-festivals-events/1907-dancing-for-somalia-at-the-bay-landing

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