Dark, Dreary Cloud

I’ve always got a lot going on and because of this it feels like that everything I do is half-assed.   I feel tired and run down.   I do try to stay positive on here but feel there is a benefit to sharing the struggle.

I’m starting to get scared for the Half, its only 6 weeks away and I’m not feeling as prepared as I’d like.  Mostly because I missed my long run this past week and I know that its probably the most important part of training. 

Food has been providing waaaaay too much comfort lately.  I really need to focus on listening to my body.  Why is this so hard?  Why are some of us programmed to  eat until we’re full and others not?

I enjoy being on the go but it gets to me after awhile.  There must be a key to finding a healthy balance….obviously I haven’t found it yet.  It bothers me that I continue to let myself go around in these stupid circles though.

I just keep chugging along, like I’ve got the cruise control set on my life.

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