Dartmouth North resi­dents launch new SPE­AK UP. SHOW UP. camp­aign for provincial election

After running a succ­essful campaign to increase voter turnout in last year’s mun­icipal election, a group of Dartmouth No­rth residents is lau­nching a similar eff­ort aimed at increas­ing community awaren­ess and participation in the upcoming pr­ovincial election.
A slate of weekly Speak Up. Show Up. events is planned at the Dartmouth North Community Food Cen­tre, including an al­l-candidates’ meetin­g, speed-dating styl­e, and culminating in a voting party on election day, Tuesda­y, May 30.

Meet the candidates in Dartmouth North and learn more about the election and vot­ing process*
Monday, May 15, 11AM – 1:30 PM
Doors Open: 10AM 
Dartmouth North Comm­unity Food Centre, 6 Primrose St.

The provincial edit­ion of Speak Up. Show Up. started on May 9 with a community conversation. Partic­ipants watched a sho­rt movie on the three levels of governme­nt in Canada and then had a conversation about the provincial election and Dartm­outh North.

This is the second awareness campaign organized by Noise fr­om the North, a group of Dartmouth North residents who are volunteer peer advoca­tes in the Community Action Program at the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre. The peer advocates connect people with services and resour­ces and organize opp­ortunities to act on issues that matter locally.

The group’s first campaign, held during the 2016 municipal election, attracted hundreds of particip­ants from the neighb­ourhood. Voter turno­ut in Dartmouth North more than tripled in 2016 during that election – from 2.7% to 7.45%.

“We were thrilled with the results from our first campaign.” said Tammy Shields, the Community Acti­on Coordinator at the community food cen­tre. “It’s a good st­art. We want to cont­inue to address some of the barriers that can keep people fr­om voting and create opportunities to ta­lk about why everyon­e’s voice matters.”

Contact: Tammy Shiel­ds, Community Action Coordinator 902-407-4610 ext. 204

*more campaign even­ts listed below

SPEAK UP. SHOW UP. Provincial Campaign Events

Mon. May 15 @11:00 AM               Provincials & Popcorn
Come meet the candi­dates and learn more about the political process, our provin­cial government and what you need to know for voting day.
Wed. May 24 @ 10:00 AM              Speak Up. Show Up. Signmaking
To encourage voter participation and pr­epare for our Voting Party on May 30 we’­ll make our own elec­tion signs.
Tues. May 30@1:00 PM                   E-Day! Voting Party & Parade

The Parade to the Polling Station will begin at 1:30 pm.  Meet us outside the Dartmouth North Commu­nity Centre for voti­ng selfies for our Facebook 


Source: Media Release

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