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Dear Cameron: A Love Letter to a 3 Year Old

{Written yesterday, on Cameron’s third birthday}


I feel like we have been on the precipice of three for a long time now, you and me. You have always been “almost 3″ but never ever 3, it seemed. Until today.

Today we woke up together and you were three and I was a Mom to a three year old.

Cameron Through Balloons

I want to say that I remember you when you were small and wordless and would fit in my arms, but that Cameron and the Cameron that is you today all kind of blend together to form the essence of my son. Somehow, you have always been this running, jumping, dancing kid I see in front of me. Somewhere inside that little swaddled baby was the personality that shines through your vocabulary and your deeds today.

Our house is full of pictures of you (…we should really put some up of your brother). As I walk through our halls and look at the frames, I can see how much you have grown and changed in the past year; two years; three years. But I barely noticed these drastic growths as we transitioned from day to day. In my mind, you are not a snapshot. You are just you. Always have been, always will be.

That idea is comforting to a Mama like me – a Mama who spent the night before your birthday in this strange emotional state because I was tired and worried that everything wouldn’t be perfect on your big day and tangling emotions with your Dad and oh my goodness my son would never be two again!

These are snapshots: These days. These words strung together. These images framed on our walls. They mark the bits and pieces but they don’t tell the whole story.

The story of who you are. Who you will be. Who you always have been.

You and me, we experience that story every day together.

Turning three is another snapshot. A milestone marker. An event to be celebrated for sure, but nothing to lament. Nothing life changing.

Today, you are three. And you are still the same amazing kid you have always been. You are funny. You are energetic. You are loving and sympathetic at just the right times. You are full of life and feeling and learning.

You are Cameron.

You were Cameron when you were born. You were Cameron when you were two. You are Cameron today. And you will be Cameron in 10 years.

My goodness, I’m lucky to be your Mom, Cameron. I’m lucky to know you and share you and experience this whole you-ness.

You are incredible. All of you. And this past year I have gotten to know more of who you are. I’ve watched your grow as a brother and as a talker.

Three won’t change you. It will just give us more time together, more stories to create, more time to grow. So I won’t lament it. I’ll embrace it. And embrace you.

Mommy Hugging Cameron

I love you Cameron. Happy Birthday!


The photo of Cameron and I is from a daily self-photography project I have taken on. You can follow it by Liking my Facebook page.

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Dear Cameron: A Love Letter to a 3 Year Old

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Tweet Little Baby

Tweet Little Baby

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