Dear Rachel,

Dear Rachel,

How are you?  I am fine, but I have to say that I am a little bit sad.  I got a message from your Mommy that your beautiful heart sucker- the one that she brought for you ALL THE WAY from Holland- fell on the floor and broke into a hundred pieces.  Oh no!  I heard that you were very sad when your heart sucker broke.  It makes me sad to think that you were sad.  But let’s stop being sad, ok?

I have some GOOD NEWS!  I went out yesterday and bought you ANOTHER HEART SUCKER!  It is pink and white and swirly just like the first one!  Here is a picture of it:

Here it is!

A package will arrive at your house with the NEW HEART SUCKER inside.  But you will have to be PATIENT.  I have to send it to you in the mail.  You will probably have to wake up about TEN TIMES before it comes.  And that’s a LOT of wake ups.  But you are a big girl and I know that you can wait.  And there’s a secret I want to tell you that ALL big girls know: waiting makes things sweeter!


I will blow FOUR kisses into the package with your heart sucker.  One for Mommy, one for Daddy, one for Drew, and a special one just for YOU.

Comes with kisses!

Please make sure that everyone gets their kisses.

All my love,

Auntie Nicki.


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