Dedicated traffic signals for cyclists a first for HRM

By James Piercey

Dartmouth has recently installed new traffic signals at the corner Wyse Road and Boland Road. These traffic lights, however, are specifically designed for cyclists. Cyclists will have the right-of-way when cycling on that street. It will temporarily halt vehicles. 

This comes from a decision made by the Nova Scotia Government, with the recent amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act to make these traffic lights legal in the province.

David McIsaac is the supervisor of active transportation within HRM. He says a total of nine will be installed for a bike lane on Wyse Road.

“They’re really to help bicyclists and all road users kind of navigate in more complex environments, sort of like you’d see at the bridge on Wyse Road,” says MacIsaac (Via Global).

This brings concern for some drivers, some worry about what will activate the signal light. @meanderingemu is one of those who do wonder how this will work.

For many cyclists, this is something that needs to be implemented all around Halifax quickly. @brightwhite on Twitter says he was hit by a truck while biking to work. He says his helmet has minor scratches and he does have a minor concussion. 

However, he says this is all more the reason to include more signage and the implementation for cycling infrastructure.

MacIsaac says the city is continuing to implement infrastructure for cycling where it is due and will add more bike-lanes that are protected and multi-use pathways. He did say, however, that cyclist traffic lights won’t be implemented until at least 2023. 

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