Depression Support Group

A weekly support group meets in St. Timothy’s Hall on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Program resumes January 15th, 2010.

St. Timothy’s Church Hall
2320 Prospect Rd.,
Hatchet Lake

Facilitators are Registered Psychologist Carol Shirley and Rev. Cheryl Rafuse. No charge. Church affiliation not necessary. Call 852-3859 or We are here for you.
Privacy assured.

About 11% of men and 16% of women in Canada will experience major depression in thecourse of their lives. Depression can limit your quality of life, affect relationships, lead to lost time from work or school and con tribute to other chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.Sometimes it leads to suicide. Fortunately, for most people, depression can be treated effectively.

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