Derek vs. The Spread:Super Bowl Picks by the Pros

Steve Betts thinks the Packers edge on Special Teams will lead to victory in the Super Bowl.

by Derek Leblanc
For the last couple of weeks, I have been having a great time breaking the NFL postseason here on haligonia, but now it is time for the big game on Sunday between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. While I may have my complete breakdown of the game, I thought it would be cool to ask other people thoughts for their Super Bowl picks, so me and Bill Mclean went through various contacts we have and were able to get some responses from journalists, broadcasters, musicians, athletics and others to give who should get it done. While we did have a few joke ones, it was great and I would like to thank everyone who helped out.

Gabe Morency (Co Host of Game Time Decisions on Game TV, Host of MMA Meltdown on the Fight Network/Sports Rage on– For now I will say the Packers 34, the Steelers 31. I think it is going to come down to the last couple of minutes and somebody is going to make a big play. Rothlisberger legend will either grow with another drive or he will get picked off by Woodson or something. Someone will be a hero at the end of this game. You can make an argument for the over, the under, the Packers or the Steelers.
Note-Morency made this pick on Tuesday-To Check out his final pick go the on Sunday.

Chad Margulius ( Steelers 21-20. Mendenhall will pound the rock and chew up clock keeping Rodgers on the sideline for much of this game. Tomlin will find a way to outcoach McCarthy. And the Steelers like usual will come up with key big turnover at the most crucial part of the game.

TJ Grant (UFC fighter)-Gonna stick with Green Bay. Liked them coming into the season and here they are. It should come down to the last possession either way.
Cory Buckle (K-Rock News Editor, Fort McMurray, Alberta) – I think the Packers and the Steelers will play a fairly close game. Both teams rank very highly defensively. Rogers will step up after a rough game against the Bears and well Big Ben will be “Big” once again. I love his ability to run with the ball. The Steelers can’t afford to simply mail it in after the first half if they have the lead. I predict a 23-17 game…Steelers bring home their 7th Championship.

Brodie Sanders ( – At first a lot of people were not sure about the Steelers making it to the Superbowl, but everyone was positive they would be seeing Green Bay there. Green Bay has seemed conservative in a few of their games and that is certainly no way to beat the Steelers. If Big Ben can find his receivers early on in the game I see no reason why the Steelers won’t win by at least 10 and Big Ben will have his third Championship ring. I know a few Packers fans who would love to disagree with me.

Ryan MacDonald (Play by Play for CBU Basketball on reader for 101.9 The Giant, Sydney) – Definitely feeling a Pittsburgh win. I have no technical football reason why, other than a pure gut feeling. I’ll take 28-21 Steelers. They just seem to be that annoying semi-dynastic sports team that people either love or hate, but always seem to find a way to win.

Troy Areseneault (guitarist Alert the Metic/Wheeler and booking agent for The Seahorse Tavern)-Green Bay…. Rodgers is nothing but class and deserves it!!! 20-14
Gary Whittaker (Host of the Franchise, TEAM 990, Montreal/The Weigh in on GB 24 – PIT 17.Both have great D, but Rogers emerges from the shadow of Favre at QB and gets his first SuperBowl championship.

Ross Neilson (Musician)-I don’t watch much sports stuff……BUT…I would totally go with the packers cause I love cheese and my bro is a packers fan so maybe he’d stop yammering about them if they win? Final score? Hmmm gonna go with 22-24 green bay.

Charlie A ‘Court (Musician) – I’m in the same boat as Ross but I’ll take a stab at prediction. I’m going to say Green Bay comes from behind and scores a basket in the 9th inning to tie it with the Packers. It’ll go to a shootout but in the end Packers win 30-Love. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Adam Reid (Actor/TV Host, in a generation, something happens that people know could possibly happen, don’t believe will ever happen, but somehow it does. Most of course are right to be skeptical because after all who wouldn’t be skeptical when a 6th ranked NFL team has to win all of its games on the ROAD to make it to the Superbowl. *cough*
Impossible Right….!? Impossible is sometimes misread. It really means, Im Possible. It means that anything is possible. Rogers believes it, the packers believe it, and I believe it.
Packers by 3-7 points at most for the most incredible win of a NFL team EVER in a superbowl and the hurdles they had to overcome to do it.

Ben Mills-(Halifax comedian) – Aaron Rodgers is supernatural in domes in the playoffs. The Superbowl is in a dome. It should be a high scoring affair with numerous deep attacks from both sides and occasional lapses in both secondaries. At the end the super slo-motion capture the obligatory shot of Rodgers staring upward into the confetti with Lombardi trophy in hand and MVP.

Keith Grienke (Owner/Editor I have to take the Steelers. Their defense will overwhelm Rodgers and Roethlisberger will do enough and make few enough mistakes to win.

Cyril Lunney (Co-Host Breakfast Television)-Packers by 3

Kevin Northup (Weekend/Evening Announcer at CJLS the Wave, Yarmouth NS) – I think the Packers are going to win. Rodgers is really coming into his own, and Big Ben and the boys need to lose sometime in the Super Bowl… I’ll say 28-18.

John Macneil (Colour Commentator for Eastlink Football) – Steelers 31 Packers 20. You can’t give Dick Lebeau two weeks to prepare for a big game and not have him come up with a great defensive plan. Plus, Ben Roethlisberger is still trying desperately to prove to his teammates and the public that he is not a liability. My problem is that my heart is with Green Bay.

Steve Sarty, (Saint Mary’s Huskies Athletics Director)-I think it’s Packers over the Steelers 28-21. Aaron Rodgers is the game MVP and Donald Driver scores the game winner.

Mavs Gillis (Voice of the Halifax Rainmen and Saint Mary’s Huskies on Sportstream Atlantic)-Steelers 28-24. Steelers have more experience than the Packers at the Super Bowl.
Garreth Macdonald, (CTV News Reporter)-31-24 Steelers. Polamalu has fantastic hair.

John Campbell (Head Coach of Dalhousie Tigers Men’s Basketball)-23-16 Packers. Big Ben throws an interception from the 35 yard line with time winding down.

Steve Sumarah, (Head Coach, Saint Mary’s Huskies football)-Steelers 21-17.Defensive play wins the game

Steve Betts (Sportstream Atlantic contributor and Colour Commentator for Dalhousie Tigers Hockey)- Packers by 10.Packers have better special teams, Pittsburgh due for a bad game.

Bill McLean (Voice of the Dalhousie Tigers, anchor of Sportstream Atlantic, and host of Bill McLean Sports Show on ckdu 88.1) -Packers 28-Steelers 24. Big Ben makes his first critical mistake in a Super Bowl that leads to a win for the Packers.

Avry Lewis McDougall-(Host, The Avry Sports Show, ustreamtv/channel/avryofedmonton)-give me 21-14 for the Packers. It’s going to be a smash mouth game. The Lombardi trophy comes home this year.

People who picked the Steelers to win-9
People who picked the Packers to win-15

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