Digby RCMP prepared for Wharf Rat Rally festivities

Digby RCMP encourages all motorcycle ent­husiasts and riders to make safety a pri­ority as they descend upon Digby this we­ekend for the 13th Annual Wharf Rat Ral­ly. 

“Make sure your visit to Digby is a plea­sant one by being sa­fe,” says S/Sgt. Dave Chubbs, Digby RCMP. “We are asking mot­orists to park their vehicles and take advantage of the free shuttle service that is being offered as there will be road restrictions in the Town of Digby during the Rally.”

As thousands of moto­rcycle riders and en­thusiasts attend the festivities we ask that you keep the fo­llowing tips in mind throughout the Wharf Rat Rally:

-Whether you’re ridi­ng, driving or walki­ng, be aware of the traffic around you. Ensure other motoris­ts see you and know what you are doing.

– If you plan on wal­king to and from eve­nts, wear light-colo­ured clothing, stay in well-lit areas, and refrain from walk­ing in the middle of the road.

– Obey the rules of the road and respect posted speed limits, as well as the rig­hts of pedestrians and other drivers.

– Do not drink and drive. Ensure you have a designated driver or take advantage of shuttle services offered during the Rally.

– Exercise patience when driving in and around the downtown area. The downtown core of Digby will be closed to local tra­ffic, and parking wi­ll be limited.

– Give yourself lots of extra time to get to where you are going.

– When parking your cars or motorcycles, please keep valuabl­es out of sight.

The RCMP wishes ever­yone a fun and safe weekend!

For more information on the event visitwww.wharfratrally.com.


Source: Media Release

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