Digital delights Nova Scotians need to check out in 2021

In today’s globally connected world, Nova Scotians have a world of digital entertainment right at their fingertips. High-speed internet is in millions of homes, while smartphones put that power in the palm of our hands.

That connectivity means waiting months or even years to discover the latest innovation in entertainment is now a thing of the past, with the best and newest platforms typically available to citizens of Halifax as quickly as anywhere else in the world.

But such is the pace of change that it can be difficult to keep up with the newest innovations. In this article, we will explore three emerging digital entertainment formats that Nova Scotians should consider sampling in 2021.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has been a part of the entertainment world for several years, but it is only during the last couple that its true potential has become apparent. AR utilizes the latest visual technology to put players in the heart of games and stories.

Many app developers are producing versions of their products designed for AR, while
console gaming has also evolved to factor the technology into its plans. And while there will likely always be a place for the traditional screen and joypad, AR could disrupt the status quo.

Those new to AR will find no shortage of opportunities to sample the technology in 2021, including the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, reviewed here by, which are available to try out in many of the leading consumer electronics stores here in Nova Scotia.

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Online Casinos
The online casino sector is big business, which comes as no surprise when you consider how quickly operators in the industry seized the opportunities presented by the digital marketplace around the mid to late 1990s.

Much of the development of the sector has been witnessed in Europe, where many of the industry’s big hitters have their roots, but as regulation in North America is relaxed, a growing number of brands are engaging with Canadian players.

The great news for new players is that there are some pretty attractive offers available at the moment. Site aggregators like Bonus.CA pull together some of the best introductory deals available and help new players make an informed choice about where to play.

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Surrogate Gaming

The last item on our list is perhaps lesser known than the previous two. The term surrogate gaming refers to competing in a challenge remotely by controlling a player or object located somewhere completely different. The action is then beamed back to the player, who can enjoy the experience from the comfort of their own home. As internet speeds rise, the possibilities for this genre of entertainment have grown exponentially.

Surrogate.TV offers Nova Scotians the opportunity to “play in real life over the internet” and has a range of virtual and physical games available. The potential of this new technology is still being realized, and it’s exciting to consider where it could take us.

We hope our shortlist of digital distractions has provided a little inspiration as we head into a new year. While digital staples like film streaming and gaming will likely remain a key part of our day-to-day lives, it’s exciting to consider how the landscape may change in the years to come.

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