Digital Technology Company Expanding, Creating Jobs

FCV Technologies Ltd. is creating jobs in Nova Scotia to support its growth in national and international markets.

FCV Technologies Ltd., headquartered in Vancouver, designs and builds digital strategies and solutions for a variety of companies. In business since 2005, its clients have included Nike, WestJet, Best Buy and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

“An FCV office in Halifax officially makes us a coast-to-coast
digital technology company able to serve our clients across four time zones,” said Johann Starke, FCV president and CEO. “When we were looking to expand, we looked at other jurisdictions including Washington, New York, and Seattle.

“Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s incentive, the time zone and the educational institutions cemented our decision.”

Nova Scotia Business Inc. has been working with the company for more than a year to choose Nova Scotia over other areas.

FCV has signed a five-year payroll rebate incentive agreement.

To start, FCV must create at least five full-time equivalent positions in the first year of the agreement. Once that happens, the company is eligible to earn an amount of rebate based on the payroll it spent creating the new positions.

Over five years, FCV would spend more than $16 million in Nova Scotia through salary costs if the company creates 100 new positions. Those employees would pay provincial personal income taxes of about $1.7 million over this period.

If the company creates 100 positions over five years, it can earn up to $1,287,000 in payroll rebates through NSBI’s Strategic Investment Fund.

The company is filling a variety of positions including technical architects, web developers, interface developers, web designers, account project managers, digital strategists and user experience architects.

“Our job at Nova Scotia Business Inc. is to attract new business and new investment to Nova Scotia. We also work with Nova Scotia businesses to grow and export,” said NSBI president and CEO Laurel Broten. “When national and international companies choose to expand in Nova Scotia, they hire new graduates, create new jobs and they provide opportunities for Nova Scotia companies to become part of new supply chains.”

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