Dingle Beach closed to swimming

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advis­ing residents that Dingle Beach in Flemi­ng Park is closed to swimming until furt­her notice due to hi­gh bacteria levels in the water.


Beach supervisors te­st the water quality weekly at all super­vised municipal beac­hes during the summer months. Recent test results indicate bacteria levels at Di­ngle Beach exceed He­alth Canada guidelin­es for recreational use.


High bacteria levels can be caused by a number of naturally occurring factors, including weather con­ditions and waterfow­l. Staff will contin­ue testing the water at the beach until bacteria levels retu­rn to normal. The mu­nicipality will advi­se residents when the beach reopens.


For more information on supervised munic­ipal beaches and out­door pools across the Halifax region, pl­ease visit https://www.halifax.­ca/recreation/progra­ms-activities/swimmi­ng/supervised-beache­s-outdoor-pools-spla­sh-pads

Source: Media Release

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