Dinos too Much for SMU; Calgary Returns to the Vanier Cup

Calgary beat the Huskies in a CIS Semi Final for the second straight year

The Calgary Dino’s are going back to the Vanier Cup for the second year in a row. The Calgary Dino’s defeated the St. Mary’s Huskies by a score of 35-8.

The game started off very slow as the score at half was 8-0 for the Dino’s. Many people felt that the Huskies would be blown out fast and early in this game. That was not that case as the Huskies started the game strong with first downs on offense and stopping the Dino’s with their defence.

The game was going well until starting Quarterback Micah Brown left the game due to injury. He was replaced by 2nd year quarterback Marc Blewett. Brown returned later on the game but the effect was minimal.

Marc Blewett came in to the game and his production was minimal. He threw two interceptions in the game which were deep in Calgary’s end. #16 Michael Lau also had two interceptions on the day for the Dino’s.

The Dino’s offense was slow until they started going to the Wildcat offense which was made famous by the Miami Dolphins. The Dino’s were led by Steven Lumbala who had over 100 yards rushing and one touchdown.

The Huskies lone touchdown was scored by running back Craig Leger. It
came on a throw from quarterback Micah Brown. It happened to be too little too late as the 4th quarter was winding down.

Huskies fans are all too familiar with the Calgary Dino’s and their players. They played them last year in the Uteck Bowl and came up just short losing 38-14.

Blake Nill the head coach of the Dino’s used to be the head coach of the Huskies. After leaving the Huskies Nill brought along with him the Hec Creighton quarterback Eric Glavic who helped led the Dino’s over the Huskies for the second straight year.

This now ends the Huskies season as they managed going with six wins in a row before losing to the Dino’s at a very cold McMahon stadium in Calgary.

The Huskies season is all but over now as a few players will make the journey to Laval for the awards ceremony. Jahmeek Taylor is one of the Huskies who are up for an award. Taylor was the AUS MVP this year and will be up for the Hec Creighton award.

Armaan Ahluwalia is a writer with the Dalhousie Gazette. Follow him on twitter @therealbrindian and check out his blog, www.1inthestand.blogspot.com.

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