Let’s start like this: The people of Halifax know how to have fun. And a visit to Halifax looks like this: Enjoying good food and lots of drinks, laughing often and enjoying carefree vacations in nature. It is the perfect place to read the book of oz slot review.

Would you like that too? Then here are the best tips on how to spend your time having fun in Nova Scotia’s big coastal city.


Halifax is one of those cities where pretty much everything is within walking distance. So put on some comfortable sneakers and get to know the streets and real life of this city on foot.

The Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk is one of the largest boulevards in the world. There are numerous small stores and boutiques on the promenade, which is just over three kilometers long – perfect for an extensive day of shopping. In addition, from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to Alexander Keith’s Brewery, some of the best cultural and culinary experiences in Halifax await you. Enjoy the great food and be sure to check out the offbeat street performances.

A visit is especially worthwhile during the Halifax International Busker Festival, the largest festival in Canada. For six days, the streets are filled with musicians, fire dancers, puppeteers and street performers. You might even meet a world record holder or the next Cirque du Soleil superstar.

A visit to the Halifax Public Gardens will take you to the heart of the countryside: colorful trees, exotic flora, statues and fountains from the 19th century will delight you on 25,000 square meters.

If you don’t feel like walking anymore, just switch to a bike. I Heart Bike rents two-wheelers, tandems, and electric bikes, and also offers two- to four-hour guided bike tours of Halifax, where you can learn about the city’s history and culture.



After a long day on the road, you can enjoy good food in numerous restaurants.

As befits a coastal city, fish is everywhere. Stroll along the promenade with a bag of fish and chips or sit down in a classy restaurant to enjoy the catch of the day. If you want to experience the full range of Halifax’s culinary offerings, take a local tasting tour.

You can also get a taste for the local produce by visiting the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market. Founded in 1750, it is the longest continuously operating market in North America. Here you can take a culinary trip around the world in no time: The offerings range from African to Lebanese, Indian to Italian, and of course you can also enjoy traditional Canadian cuisine. If you like to cook for yourself, grab some freshly caught fish or a juicy piece of steak and some cheese from the region and look forward to your own feast.

With so many restaurants in Halifax, sometimes it’s not easy to make the right choice. Bicycle Thief, an American-Italian eatery, made it into Macleans’ selection of Canada’s 50 Best Restaurants. A fresh take on regional ingredients earned Morris East and 2 Doors Down a spot on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here! page. In general, it’s a good idea to just stroll around downtown and let your nose be your guide.

Should you be looking for a drink, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for: Halifax has the highest density of bars and clubs per capita in all of Canada. There are numerous pubs with live music and a popular craft beer scene with names like Propeller, Garrison and Granite.

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