Do all the big girls go WordPress?

I’ve whined about how badly I want to makeover my blog forEVA and I never seem to get it done! I am seriously going to just have to sit down and get to work coming up with header concepts etc. I think part of the reason I’m procrastinating it is because there has been talk about doing the “switch” to WordPress because apparently all the “big girl” bloggers agree that it is the way to go because you have more “control” over your site. I gather this is the layout and customization. This however, will take time because I’ve got 2 and a half YEARS worth of regular posts! Come to think of it, how devasted would you be if you lost your blog? Do you back up your blog? Imagine if one day, BOOM, gone! And then that annoying person asks you for your backup to fix it and you’re all, “huh, back up?” Something to think about!

One of the things I was warned about in the transition to WordPress is that while it is a relatively smooth (albiet time consuming) transition transferring over the old posts, there has been issues with comment casualties. i.e. not all of your comments will carry over. I hate the thought of that! I live for all of your comments, suggestions, insight and support and I would hate to leave any of that behind!

The bottom line though is that I really really want to update the look of this blog and I remember what a stress it was when hubby converted me to a Mac and I was NOT happy with the Mac blogging tools AT ALL so I ended up using the Windows Parallels program to continue to use Windows Live Writer. I’m pretty attached to my WLW! I’m pretty sure that you can use it with WordPress, yes?

What are your thoughts on the whole Blogger v. WordPress preference? Has blogger been able to compete with the customization control “pro” that apparently WordPress has?

Fall splashes colour on Shore Drive in Bedford.

Fall splashes colour on Shore Drive Launches