Doctors Nova Scotia reaches tentative agreements with government

New contract aims to entice more doctors to practice in Nova Scotia

Doctors Nova Scotia and the Department of Health and Wellness have come to preliminary agreements on new four-year contracts for the doctors in the province. Today, these contracts were presented to the physicians in Nova Scotia for their approval.

Doctors have highlighted the need for a new agreement that provides fair pay and helps them achieve a better balance between work and personal life. These factors are extremely important in attracting and keeping doctors in the province, especially considering that there are currently 145,000 people without a family doctor.

Dr. Colin Audain, the President of Doctors Nova Scotia, stated, “We have negotiated the most favorable agreements possible for Nova Scotia’s doctors, while also ensuring the highest quality of care for the people of Nova Scotia. If approved, these contracts will contribute to the stabilization of our province’s most critical healthcare services.”

If approved, these new four-year contracts will replace the existing 2019 Master Agreement and C/AFP Master Agreement. These agreements will have an impact on over 3,400 physicians.

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