Does your holiday purchase seem too good to be true?

Does your holiday purchase seem too good to be true? On the Sixth Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP told me…Remember the 4 P’s of counterfeiting when purchasing gifts for the family.

RCMP Federal Enforcement Section reminds citizens of the following tips to help identify counterfeit items:

1) Does the price reasonably reflect the value? Is the price ‘too good to be true’?

2) Is the packaging properly labeled and appropriate? Are there spelling mistakes and poor quality or wrapping material?

3) Are you familiar with the place of purchase? Are you shopping at reputable retail outlets or do you know who the internet seller is?

4) Does the quality of the product seem acceptable? Is it of good quality or does it appear legitimate?

The RCMP Federal Enforcement Section is responsible for investigating criminal offences under the Copyright Act and trademark offences under the Criminal Code. Its main objective is to protect the community from infringed and counterfeit products posing health and safety risks.

If you believe you have encountered a counterfeit item or if you have information regarding the distribution of counterfeit items, contact police in your area, the Federal Enforcement Section at 902 869-2316, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or by a Secure Web Tips at


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