Domestic violence – It can be stopped

Domestic violence – It can be stopped On the Ninth Day of Christmas Crime Prevention, the RCMP ask you to help prevent domestic violence by learning the warning signs of those affected by abuse.

With the holidays comes lots of joy and cheer. Unfortunately, the holidays can also become a time of stress which may sometimes result in family violence.

The RCMP want those who are victims of domestic violence to know we are there to help. Family violence can occur in relationships of intimacy, kinship, dependency, or trust. It ranges from physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse to neglect and many include any family relationship: spousal, common-law, children, and seniors.

“It is important that you reach out for help as soon as possible,” says Sgt. Joe Taplin, RCMP Community, Aboriginal and Diversity Policing. “We can provide information and support to you.”

The effects of family violence show up in many ways. Look for some of the signs – especially when they appear in clusters or represent a change in behaviour:

– self-blame, feelings of guilt and shame, loneliness, long bouts of sadness, social withdrawal, separation anxiety,

– feelings of being out of control, intrusive thoughts, running away, fighting with peers, criminal offending, early use of drugs and alcohol, substance abuse;

– headaches, stomach aches, bed wetting and soiling, eating disorders, self-mutilation or burning, thoughts of suicide, dissociation,

– extremely low self-esteem, difficulty trusting others, difficulty in problem-solving, relationship problems, high levels of anger and aggression

It can be difficult for family members, especially children, who are abused or neglected to report the problem to anyone. That is why it is important to be aware of the signs and know what to do about it. For further information on domestic violence, visit:

Department of Justice:
Public Health Agency of Canada:
Kids Help Phone:


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