Don’t pass when lights are flashing!

school bus small

There has been an ongoing and serious issue of cars passing school buses with flashing lights.

“There has been an ongoing and serious issue on the Hammonds Plains Rd, near RIM, with drivers NOT stopping for school buses!” says Bedford Councillor Tim Outhit.

Halifax Regional Police reminds motorists that it is illegal to pass a school bus from either direction when its light are flashing regardless of the number of lanes of traffic.

Since students returned to school in September, police have been responding to numerous complaints of motorists passing school buses which are stopped with their lights flashing.

While a number of different areas have been identified, one location on the Hammonds Plains Road just west of Highway 102 has resulted in a number of tickets being issued.

Police are watching the area and issuing tickets.

The initial fine for this offence is $394.50 and you acquire six points against your license.

Police will be stepping up enforcement in relation to these complaints and motorists are asked to do their part by obeying these laws.

This will help ensure it is safe for children going to and coming from school.

Anyone who witnesses an infraction is encouraged to report it to police at 490-5016.

Halifax Regional Police thanks citizens for helping to keep our streets safe in HRM.

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