Don’t wanna jinx things, but…

i just had Bob Red Mill’s Vegi Soup with country bread and Vevleeta cheese for supper and I am kinda sorta feeling like it’s settling without too much of a fuss. *fingers crossed*

I have been SICK!  All of this time I have been blaming my tummy woes on a few unhealthy food choices, but the whole time I was coming down with some sort of stomach bug!  It’s not the flu, thank GOODNESS, but has made me pretty darn miserable for a week now.  The thing that sucked the most about this week is that I was unable to to attempt any kind of damage control with adding some exercise when I was sick. It would have made a difference.

I did go to my WW meeting yesterday.  We won’t “talk” about that right now, other than it was bad and I expected it and that’s that.  I went and that’s really the important thing.

Terri said something that hit my heart right on target as to how I was feeling.  She said something along the lines of, “It’s never hard to walk through those doors when you know you’ve done well and are expecting a loss, but it’s never easy when you know the result is not going to be so good.  THAT’s when we should recognize you are putting the “P” in perseverance.”  It was something like that anyway, but as much as I was trying to be invisible in the meeting, my head was nodding up and down the entire time! Damn could I EVER relate to that!

We’re gonna do this guys, we ALL are.  There ARE rough patches for everyone and that is just a fact.  I did not expect to hit such a wall that would knock me down like it did the last 2 weeks, but it did.  That doesn’t mean that I should feel ashamed or embarrassed (I now realize), because anyone who has ever faced this kind of challenge understands the reality of it and that’s just how it is.

I need to figure out how I’m going to make it into WW for WI this week.  They are closed on Saturday and if I don’t get in there before then, it will be a “missed week.”  I have the option of going in after work in the evening on Wed or Thurs, but it really would only be for the point of going and I could not pay any attention to the result because:

  1. it would not be a full week;
  2. body fluctuations in the evening when I’m used to weighing-in in the morning!

So I could go and do it for the pure discipline of doing it and the psychological affect of checking in right before the holiday weekend, or not go and still have to pay the fee the next time.  But that’s the problem though too, because then we’ll have the same problem for New Year’s so that’s two week’s in a row.  It’s too much of a time crunch to go before work because they don’t open until 8a.m., so it’s probably best if I just go after work on Thursday both weeks for the pure commitment of it.

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