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Dopey Fashion Pose of the Month: Mexx

L-A: Remember when Sassy Magazine was around and basically your bible (hi! Dating myself completely here!). It was full of all the truths. Like, you didn’t really know what a zine was, but if Sassy had a zine of the month, then it must be something awesome.

Or when they told you Evan Dando, Sloan and Buffalo Tom were Cute Bands!, you were like, “Yes! Yes, you are so right Sassy! Tell me more Jane Pratt!”

tell me more2



So now that we’ve established that “yes, of course you do remember” or “the Internet has told me about Sassy and I only wish it didn’t turn to crap before my time,” let’s talk about one of it’s most enduring truths: the Dopey Fashion Pose.



source: god bless you other blogger for having this

I bring it this truth because in an attempt to write more regularly, I was doing some research and discovered that the Dopey Fashion Pose lives on and is deserving of our mockery. So here’s the first in what will hopefully be the Dopey Fashion Pose of the Month.  This month, the winner is Mexx’s spring campaign.


The “Day Drinking at Work Again” Pose


The "Wake and Bake Before Brunch with the Girls" Pose

The “Wake and Bake Before Brunch with the Girls” Pose


The "I'm Too Old For Short Skirts, That's Why I Keep Trying to Pull It Down" Pose

The “I’m Too Old For Short Skirts, That’s Why I Keep Trying to Pull It Down” Pose


Golf claps, Mexx! You made a professional European model look awful. And while we’re at it, let’s just golf clap for Sassy for existing and being our one, true magazine love. It’s probably for the best it died suddenly. It’s like that beautiful guy in high school, except with Sassy, we can just look back longingly instead of having to think about how he now has better ombre hair than us and is kind of a weird, self-important guy in a band called 30 Seconds to Mars.

Click here to view the embedded video.

p.s. Sassy was on the money with those Cute Band Alerts. I still love me some Buffalo Tom.

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