Douche Bags.

A Partial list of Attributes Commonly Found in Douche bags.

1. Out of nowhere you yell, “Jagger Bombs!”
2. “Give me a silver bullet” is your way of asking for a Coors Light.
3. ‘I want your hottest wings!” The idea here is that this will impress your date or the girls at the table.
4. “Where are the heads”? is your way of asking where the washrooms are?
5. You walk in to the restaurant talking on your cell phone and hold up a number of fingers to the host indicating the number in your party.
6. You put your feet on a chair or booth. Also, you sit down on a table while taking to friends who are standing.
7. Seeing that your drinks are on the bar, you go and get them yourself, because you think the waitress is taking too long. You’re explanation, “We’re thirsty.”
8. You and your girlfriend make out at the bar.
9. You put your gum on the bottom of your chair or table. This may be the lowest form of human behaviour. You stupid douche bag, do you honestly not realize that someone is going to have to scrape that gum off.
10. You’re a restaurant owner.
11. You enter the restaurant wearing your sunglasses and take them off as you walk through the door like Horatio from CSI Miami.
12. After you`re asked if you`d like a beer, you respond with, “ No, I`m in training.“
13. “Ditto” or “Done” is your way of saying you’ll have the same as the person who ordered before you. Sometimes you’ll even just give a nod of your head. Would it kill you to say, “I’ll have the same.” Stupid douche bag.

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