downtown diversion

Barrington Street in Halifax. Used to be a bustling shopping and business area that has slowly been fading. I remember when the building with the turret ( the Khyber Building) used to house a health food store and on the top floor was a small independent movie theatre. It has housed lots of enterprises over the years. Many stores on the street have closed and gone but……. things ARE starting to change. I have a feeling that in a couple of years, this downtown street will be thriving again. What our central core lacks but is slowly reclaiming are places for people to live. We need it to become a neighborhood. Where there is life, there is energy:) There is so much potential here.

in other news….. my show went REALLY well! I am thrilled with the response and thanks to all of you who came out:) It is still up for another month so pop by and check it out.

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