Drastic Measures!

Well hello there!
Yes it is me. My BEFORE picture!!!!
I have signed up for the X-weighted National Challenge. Yesterday morning found me at the YMCA going through a very simple but grueling fitness test, facing some scales and having an intimate encounter with a tape measure. So………after a bit of shock, it all led to this, my “coming out” as a chunky gal:) The challenge lasts for six months but the benefits will last a lifetime. I figured if I bit the bullet and posted my pic here, I would maybe feel more accountable and really DO it! Somehow the thought of this being a “before” pic is easier to reconcile with making it public:)
We shall see where this leads:) I have been more active with training for the Bust a Move event Jan 30th so this is just extra motivation! Yay me.

Rainmen Home Opener LIVE At 2pm Today!

Video Replay: Rainmen Vs Kebs, January 10/2010