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Predictably, one of the other things I really love is great architectural design. If I was any good at math and science, I might have been an architect.


Instead, I love stepping beyond the world of interior design to look at the bigger picture, and to dream about how they all work together.

Here is a facebook page I recently discovered. It’s called tododesign and it’s fabulous.

Since spring is supposed to be here (hard to tell today, mind you!), it’s wonderful to dream about having a “cabin” like this one.

The inside surprised me and was not what I expected.
I think this one is set up purely as an office. That would be pretty cool to have in your backyard, too!
If it was truly a cabin in the woods that was mine to decorate, I’d probably go a little less sleek on the inside and a little more cozy and warm. Perhaps it’s the all baby blue that bothers me…

But really, how cool is this??

Loads of great eye-candy on this page, if you love dreamy design like I do!

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Happy Easter.

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