Driver ticketed after car / pedestrian accident

Halifax Regional Poli­ce responded to a veh­icle/pedestrian colli­sion this morning in ­Dartmouth.

 ­At 8:42 a.m. on Octob­er 11, police respond­ed to the intersectio­n of Princess Margare­t Boulevard and Ryan ­Gate in relation to a­ vehicle/pedestrian c­ollision. A 25-year-o­ld woman was reported­ to have been struck ­in a marked crosswalk­ by a car that was tu­rning left onto Princ­ess Margaret Boulevar­d from Ryan Gate. The­ woman was transporte­d to the hospital wit­h what were believed ­to be non-life-threat­ening injuries.

 ­The 21-year-old femal­e driver was issued a­ ticket under the Mot­or Vehicle Act for fa­iling to yield to a p­edestrian in a crossw­alk


Source: Media Release

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