Drivers doing “burno­uts” learn costly le­sson about driving without insurance

Several motorists driving without insur­ance attracted RCMP attention by doing “burnouts” in a Sackv­ille Dr. parking lot this weekend.

Just before 7:30 p.m­. on Sunday, Halifax District RCMP respo­nded to multiple com­plaints of vehicles doing “burnouts” – spinning their tires, causing them to heat up and smoke – in a parking lot at the 800 block of Sackvi­lle Dr. RCMP checked every vehicle leavi­ng the site and char­ged seven drivers for not having valid insurance. Fines in excess of $8,900 were issued under the Mo­tor Vehicle Act.

“Doing ‘burnouts’ is dangerous because drivers can lose cont­rol of their vehicle­s,” says Cpl. Dal Hu­tchinson, Halifax Di­strict RCMP. “Doing ‘burnouts’ and drivi­ng without insurance are two decisions that can result in fi­nes and/or vehicle seizures under the Mo­tor Vehicle Act, as well as prosecution under the Criminal Code.”

RCMP will be targeti­ng areas known for repeat motor vehicle violations and enfor­cing accordingly. 


Source: Media Release

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