Driving in a Winter Wonderland?

Driving in a Winter Wonderland? On the Tenth day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP Traffic Services said to me…“If you breakdown, raising your car hood will signal come help me.”

Cpl. Ron MacDonald of RCMP Traffic Services reminds drivers of the following winter driving tips:

– Equip your automobile with winter tires. Tires can be the biggest single component that will improve winter driving

– Front-wheel drive vehicles and pickup trucks tend to be front heavy, which means the light rear end of the vehicle doesn’t have as much traction.

– During winter weather make sure you allow yourself extra time to get to your destination, slow down and pay close attention to your driving and the driving of others

– Ensure that you have appropriate winter clothing in your car, you never know when you may breakdown or become involved in a crash that immobilizes your vehicle

– Listen for travel advisories or road condition updates. If the police are advising against road travel and you are able to stay where you are, please do so

– Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle with booster cables, de-icer, warm clothes, non perishable food and a candle

– Always wear your seatbelt

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/driving-in-a-winter-wonderland

Put on your dancing shoes!

Put on your dancing shoes!

Councillor Tim Outhit’s winter newsletter

Councillor Tim Outhit’s winter newsletter