Drugs and weapons charges laid in Bedford, Dartmouth

Drugs and weapons charges laid in Bedford, Dartmouth Police have laid a number of drug and weapons charges in connection with a traffic stop last night in Dartmouth and a subsequent search in Bedford.

At 7:33 p.m., officers assigned to the East Quick Response Unit (EQRU) observed what they believed to be a drug transaction between a woman and a man in a SUV in a parking lot on Wyse Road. Officers pulled behind the SUV and activated the emergency lights. As the officers approached the vehicle, the driver drove into a cement wall, then backed up and stuck the unmarked police vehicle behind him.

Officers ordered the male driver to stop the vehicle, however, the man began pulling forward. A second police vehicle pulled in front of the SUV to prevent its escape. The driver, 47-year-old Gerald McNamara, was removed from the vehicle and arrested. The woman, 45-year-old Michelle Marie Walsh, was arrested without incident. A search of both people and the vehicle resulted in a quantity of crack cocaine and cash being seized.

A warrant was then obtained to search a residence on Cutter Drive in Bedford. When officers from EQRU and the HRP/RCMP Integrated Drug Unit arrived, they observed a woman, 65-year-old Joan Robart, leaving the home. She was arrested and found to be in possession of crack cocaine.

Officers entered the residence and arrested two more women. One of the women was 46-year-old Doreen Louise McNamara while the second woman was released without charges. A search resulted in the seizure of crack cocaine, a hand gun with ammunition, a rifle, shotgun ammunition, cash and drug paraphernalia.

Gerald McNamara and Michelle Walsh are both charged with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking in connection with the incident in Dartmouth. McNamara was also charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.


Gerald McNamara, Doreen McNamara and Joan Robart face the following charges in connection with the search of the Cutter Drive residence:

Section 86(2) CC – Unsafe Storage of a Firearm (2 counts)
Section 88(1) CC – Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to Public Peace (2 counts)
Section 92(1) CC – Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized (2 counts)
Section 95(1) CC – Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
Section 108(1)(b) CC – Tampering with Serial Number
Section 5(2) CDSA – Drug Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking

Gerald McNamara also faces the following additional charges:

Section 117.01(1) CC – Possession of a Firearm while Prohibited (2 counts)
Section 145(3) CC – Breach of Recognizance (3 counts)

All four people are scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court today.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/drugs-and-weapons-charges-laid-in-bedford-dartmouth-last-night

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