Drumlin Plasma: Revolutionizing the Plasma Supply Chain in Halifax

Imagine a world where vital medical diagnoses depend on a single key ingredient: plasma. Plasma, a component of blood, is essential for producing in vitro diagnostics (IVD) that help doctors identify various health conditions. Drumlin Plasma, located in the heart of Halifax, is dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of this critical resource. Founded in 2019, the company has made it their mission to solve the challenges surrounding plasma supply in the IVD industry.

Why Donating Plasma is Important

Donating plasma is crucial because it helps save lives. Plasma is used to create diagnostic tests that can detect diseases, monitor health conditions, and guide treatment decisions. Without a reliable supply of plasma, these tests cannot be made, and patient care can suffer. By donating plasma at Drumlin Plasma, individuals can directly contribute to the advancement of medical research and the production of life-saving diagnostics.

The Birth of Drumlin Plasma

Drumlin Plasma was born out of firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the IVD industry. The founder, having worked in the field for many years, recognized the critical supply issues plaguing the industry. With a mission to solve these problems, Drumlin Plasma was launched, aiming to strengthen plasma supply chains for diagnostics companies and ensure the availability of plasma for vital patient diagnoses.

A Unique Approach to Plasma Donation

Drumlin Plasma stands out for its donor-centric approach, ensuring a seamless and comfortable donation experience. Potential donors start with a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by a thorough review and consultation with trained Screeners and Registered Nurses. The donation process is performed by highly skilled phlebotomists and medical professionals, ensuring safety and comfort throughout.

“Our centre is designed to make the donation process relaxing and stress-free,” says the founder. “From our welcoming reception area to comfortable donation stations, we’ve thought of every detail to make donors feel at home.”

Ensuring Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort are paramount at Drumlin Plasma. The centre’s design and procedures align with the stringent requirements of the Canadian Blood Regulations. Every aspect of the donor experience has been crafted in consultation with medical experts, ensuring the highest standards of care.

“We’ve leveraged decades of healthcare expertise to create a donor experience we’re truly proud of,” the founder explains. “Donor safety and comfort are our highest priorities.”

Impact on the Halifax Community

Drumlin Plasma‘s contributions extend beyond the medical field. The centre supports the Halifax community by creating high-quality employment opportunities and boosting the local economy. Donors are compensated for their time, providing additional spending power that benefits local businesses.

“With our centrally located centre at 1310 Hollis Street, we anticipate creating additional foot traffic that will benefit other companies in the area, such as local cafes, restaurants, and stores,” the founder notes.

The Visionary Behind Drumlin Plasma

Drumlin Plasma CEO Darcy Shannon

At the helm of Drumlin Plasma is CEO Darcy Shannon, a seasoned business professional with over 25 years of experience in supply chain operations and facility management. Darcy’s vision is for Drumlin to become the primary supplier of plasma to diagnostics manufacturers in Canada and globally, fostering partnerships and offering customizable services to meet their unique needs.

“Understanding of the challenges IVD companies face in securing a stable supply of plasma drives our mission,” says the founder. “We’re committed to satisfying their needs through a deep understanding of their requirements.”

Making a Difference

Plasma donors at Drumlin can take pride in their contributions, knowing that their donations are used to improve medical research and diagnostics. Donors are generously compensated and have the option to nominate a charity for their compensation if they choose.

“Donating plasma at Drumlin makes a profound difference in medical research and diagnostics,” the founder emphasizes. “Our donors help save lives and support the Nova Scotian life sciences community.”

Drumlin Plasma continues to lead the way in addressing plasma supply challenges, ensuring that the IVD industry can thrive and that vital patient diagnoses are not compromised. With a commitment to safety, comfort, and community impact, Drumlin Plasma is poised to make a lasting difference in Halifax and beyond.

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1310 Hollis Street, Suite 150
Halifax, NS. B3J 3P3


Monday – Saturday
10:00AM – 6:00PM

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