DUI charges after Bedford Highway traffic stop

Police have charged a man for impaired driving resulting from officers conducting proactive speed enforcement in Bedford earlier today.

At approximately 12:55 a.m. West Division patrol officers were conducting proactive traffic enforcement in the 700 block of the Bedford Highway. Officers observed a vehicle travelling at 78 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. The driver did not immediately pull over for officers when they activated their emergency equipment. The vehicle was observed swerving in the lane prior to coming to a stop a short distance away. Officers arrested the driver at the scene.

A 27-year-old man will appear in court at a later date to face charges of driving a conveyance while impaired and operating a conveyance with a blood alcohol concentration over 80 mg%.

Police remind people to call 911 immediately if they see a potential impaired driver. Give the call taker your location along with a description of the vehicle, including the licence plate number, colour, make and model, the direction of travel for the vehicle and a description of the driver.

Source: Release

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