Easier to use Halifax Metro Transit Bus and Ferry Schedules

MTransit.ca today released easier to use Internet schedules for Halifax Metro Transit buses and ferries. The new schedules offer a few advantageous over the official schedules released by HRM:

  1. New schedules are in a simple web format, and no longer need to be downloaded and viewed with Acrobat Reader. This will make the schedules accessible to more types of computers, devices and users.
  2. New schedules have detailed bus stop locations. For example, instead of stating scheduled stop is “Oxford and Quinpool”, MTransit.ca schedules say “Oxford southbound after Quinpool” which tells you both that the bus stop is on Oxford St, and the stop is just after Quinpool Rd.
  3. New schedules are fully expanded. So instead of “… and every 15 minutes”, the new schedules list all bus stop times for all trips.
The new schedules are available on the unofficial Halifax Metro Transit Google Map and Trip Planner site:


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