East Coast surfer talks about his CWC experience

Cold Water Classic TofinoHalifax-area surfer Logan Landry competed this week in the O’Neill Cold Water Classic (CWC) in Tofino, BC., the first professional surf contest ever held in Canada.

Twelve surfers from the East Coast were invited to compete in the contest, however, Landry was the only surfer able to make the long trip to the West Coast. He surfed in Round 1 of the contest on Sunday, finishing third in his four-man heat.

ScotiaSurfer.com caught up with Landry on Tuesday for a brief interview.

Scotia Surfer (SS): How does it feel to be the first East Coast surfer to compete in the first pro surf contest held in Canada?

Logan Landry (LL): I didn’t really think about it like that. I just kind of took it as a contest and (an opportunity) to learn from the experience, see where everyone else is at as far as level of surfing, and hopefully try to get myself to a higher level.

SS: How were the waves?

LL: The waves in Tofino were not really that good but they were contestable. Locals like Peter Devries made it look easy.

SS: How did you do?

LL: I placed third in my heat. I really would have liked to advance but the waves just didn’t come. It was kinda like, whoever got any waves got the score. I wasn’t doing to well halfway through the heat but I ended up getting a good wave to get into third.

I wasn’t too pumped at first but then I realized it was a 6-Star WQS (event) and just to be there was a honor. I was pleased I didn’t come in dead last in my heat.

SS: What surfers really impressed you?

LL: I was really impressed with the local guys. They all surfed well, and it was unique to have that many Canadians in the main event. I think there were around 20 local guys in the contest.

Note: Most Canadian surfers were supposed to compete in a wildcard contest with the top two advancing into the CWC main event. As it turns out, all Canadians who entered the contest competed in the main event.

SS: How did you like Tofino?

LL: Tofino has a cool culture with really nice people. I have a few friends that live out there, so it was nice to (visit). It was my first time being there.

SS: What are you doing these days outside of surfing?

LL: I am currently enrolled in a online school and taking a degree in marketing. I am doing it online so I can travel and surf full-time.

Note: Landry finished second in the Shut Up and Surf Classic contest held at the Cow Bay Moose two weeks ago. Landry was also a member of the Canadian team that competed at the 2007 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in Costa de Caparica, Portugal.

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Action from Day 3 of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Tofino, BC. Tofino's Peter Devries, the last Canadian remaining in the contest, is scheduled to compete in Round 3 on Thursday. Photo courtesy of O'Neill.

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