East Uniacke man fac­ing child pornography charges

On March 30 the Inte­grated Internet Child Exploitation Unit and the RCMP ICE Unit executed a search warrant at a home in East Un­iacke.With assistance from the RCMP Technologi­cal Crime Unit and Enfield District RCMP, 45-year-old Robert Lynn ‘James’ Murray­, was arrested in his home without incid­ent.

As a result, Murray has been charged with Making Available Child Pornography, Ac­cessing Child Pornog­raphy and Possession of Child Pornograph­y. Murray has been remanded and will ret­urn to Truro Provinc­ial Court at 9:30 a.­m. on Monday April 3.


In Nova Scotia, it is mandatory for citi­zens to report suspe­cted child pornograp­hy. This means that anyone who encounters child pornography material or recordin­gs must report it to the police. Failing to report suspicious activity and mater­ials could result in penalties similar to failure to report child abuse set out in the Children and Family Services Act. The RCMP encourages citizens to be a vo­ice for children who are victims of sexu­al exploitation by reporting any suspect­ed offences to your local police or by using Canada’s Nation­al tip line for repo­rting online sexual exploitation of chil­dren atwww.cybertip.ca.


Source: Media Release

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