ebay makeup brushes

ebay purchases continue. As I never have enough brushes, I grabbed some reasonably priced ones.

Considering the hive around more compact brushes with denser bristles and interesting cut, you understand the reason behind this purchase, don’t you? 🙂

This is a 4 piece Gold synthetic large face makeup brush set with Flat, Rounded, Angled and Tapered brushes.

I did not expect too much, considering I only paid around $2 for each brush, but they do their job surprisingly well. The bristles are soft and dense enough, the ferules are sturdy and the handles has some weight to them.

Other than the Tapered brush (far left) which I use for spot concealers, the other 3 work equally well with my liquid foundations and give near flawless finish.

No stray/ loose hair even after multiple washes, and they hold their shape. Only handle becomes a little loose but nothing some glue can’t fix.

With similar cut but with smaller bristles and longer/ thinner handles (18.5cm vs. 15.5cm in the face brushes), the eye brush set costs me around $3. Definitely a steal.

The proper names: Precision Flat, Precision Rounded, Precision Angled and Precision Tapered brushes.

I actually only save the Precision Angled brush for the eyes. The other 3 are perfect for under-eye concealers or cheek highlights.

Some sellers combine both sets into a 8-piece or even 10-piece set for $8-$10, with more options for handle and ferrule colours to suit your preferences.

Onto a few fancier cuts and shapes, shall we?

It is a little hard to see here because of the dark tips, but this brush is called a Concave foundation brush for exactly how it looks.

The bristles in the middle are hollowed out to hold your foundation and whatever product you want to mix in (a moisturizer, illuminator, colour adjusting drops, etc.) before applying them to the face, similar fashion of Bare Minerals Perfecting Face brush, for a fraction of a price ($4 vs. $28).

I do enjoy the little well of fun (duh) but wish the brush head were bigger and a bit softer. It takes time to cover the whole face. 

Now this shape does not need introduction, thanks to the famous NARS Yachiyo brush ($67), but it leaves something to be desired.

Called a Goat hair rattan blush brush, $3, the brush is the center of curiosity. Upon washing and using it though, I do not recommend. The bristles are scratchy at times and loosely packed, which results in random fallout mid application.

This funny looking 3D foundation brush (resembling Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush), $4.75, is less practical than the traditional flat or rounded top kabukis.

I appreciate soft bristles as well as the pointed sharp cut at the tip for getting around the nose or under the eyes but it does not make enough of a difference to guarantee a purchase.

And lastly, a Flat contour brush, $3, to jump on the contouring wagon with other bloggers/ YT’ers 🙂

I don’t contour on a daily basis, so this brush is more of a special occasion type of use. I like the size of it, width and length for a quick contouring work, even a blush application in a pinch. The bristles might be a little dense for blending, but it can be done. Nice to have!

Have you found any great brushes on ebay lately?

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