EcoTools Eye Perfecting brush

Following the launch of the Skin Perfecting brush last year, EcoTools now comes out with the 2015 Complexion collection, a skin care – makeup hybrid brush line with specifically designed cuts and colourful ferrules.

I was sent the Eye Perfecting brush for review. The bamboo handle and gradient white to beige (cruelty-free) dense bristles are different enough, and then that pop of teal colour decoration and the leaf design. A+ for the look!

And more points for how it works. The cut and rounded tip bristles are meant to mimic the shape of your finger for easy application under and around the eyes without tugging the skin or transferring oil from the hands.

As gimmicky as that sounds, the Eye Perfecting brush does work for the purpose it is intended for.

Certainly, the bristles are not as soft as my hand but soft enough to distribute and blending a bunch of products I use around the eyes and nose (primer, eye cream/ moisturizer, concealer) as long as I use very little pressure.

It can be used for the face as well but does take more time, due to the small size of the brush head. Sure is handy for tinted products you do not want to use your finger for.

Another claim of the brush helping reduce the appearance of fine lines or dark circles? I can’t say that I notice any changes but I did not expect any really.

EcoTools Eye Perfecting brush is available at select Rexall, Pharma Plus, Lawtons and independent stores, $9.99.

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