Education Changes Coming in September

The school year ends Tuesday, June 30, but the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will keep busy preparing for changes to the education system in September.

“I wish all students, teachers and school support staff a safe and happy summer,” said Karen Casey, Education and Early Childhood Development Minister.

“The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will remain busy as we continue to prepare for changes to the education system coming in September.”

The Nova Scotia Action Plan on Education will renew, rebuild and refocus the education system over the next five years, with many actions being implemented this September. It was based on the feedback of more than 19,000 Nova Scotians, including teachers, students, school support staff, school boards, universities and the business community.

Since the plan was announced in January, the province has:
— created a streamlined curriculum with a focus on math and literacy for grades Primary to 3
— developed a provincewide code of conduct that will apply to all schools and boards
— discontinued homework guidelines and held a survey on new homework standards
— realigned the department structure to be more in line with the action plan
— established a Centre for Learning Excellence in March as part of the department’s realignment
— added more hands-on learning activities for developing technology skills, including Brilliant Labs
— provided targeted funding to school boards for math mentors
— provided funding for early intervention support in math for students in grades Primary to 3
— provided funding to early intervention programs to address the waitlist

Work is underway for the remaining September action items, including:
— a Minister’s Forum for Teaching Excellence
— an Inter-University Chair in Research
— a Business Education Council
— a Transition Task Force of public school educators, universities, and the NSCC

One action item in the plan will be amended. Provincial assessments in literacy and mathematics in Grade 3 and Grade 8 will be maintained so curriculum changes can be assessed provincewide.

The change is supported by feedback from teachers and administrators.

“I continue to ask at every step of implementation ‘Is this in the best interest of students?’ If something is not, we will change it. In this case, we believe that at this time, it is important to maintain the provincial assessments to see how the new curriculum benefits students,” said Ms. Casey.

To view the June progress update on the Action Plan, visit .

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