Eight drivers chose fines over fun Sunday night

In response to numerous driving complaints in the communities of Fall River and Lower Sackville on Sunday evenings, Halifax District RCMP began increasing enforcement this past Sunday. As a result, eight drivers received tickets for various Motor Vehicle Act offences, including:

  • Two received tickets for operating a motor vehicle causing loud and unnecessary noise (squealing tires)
  • Two received tickets for failing to obey a traffic signal
  • One driver was ticketed for failing to stop at a red light
  • One received a ticket for operating a vehicle with bald tires
  • One was ticketed for driving without insurance
  • One ticket was given for driving at a speed exceeding the posted speed limit by 1 to 15 km/hr

Fines for the above offences range from $180 to $5872.50. Although most drivers were following the rules of the road and enjoying the beautiful weather,Halifax District RCMP will continue to monitor the driving habits of the few who could ruin the fun for other motorists.


Source: Media Release

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