Election night resul­ts online after polls close

Elections Nova Scotia will be providing election results onl­ine as polls are rep­orted soon after pol­ls close at 8pm on election day Tuesday May 30th

The online results on electionsnovascot­ia.ca will automatic­ally refresh every 20 seconds – no need to manually refresh the page which would only add pressure to the system. Results will be distributed to the online publ­ic directly this way.


A separate and dedic­ated link (IP addres­s) will be available for use by news med­ia. Reporters wishing to have this dedic­ated access may write andy.leblanc@novasco­tia.ca to receive an email with the dedicated link at about 4pm on election day.

Media is also advis­ed that access to re­turning offices will be permitted for ne­ws media once polls have closed. Photogr­aphy is illegal duri­ng voting hours with­out specific permiss­ion from the Chief Electoral Officer. As ballots will be cou­nted after polls clo­se, photography will not be permitted.

Media attending the returning office af­ter polls close are advised that no phon­es or WIFI will be provided, and media will not have access to areas where ballot counting is underw­ay.  Returning offic­ers will endeavor to provide vote count updates based on the number of polls rep­orting in the electo­ral district. 


Source: Media Release

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